2014 Kentucky district results

Click here for the award winners at 2014 Districts held in Danville. 

After postponing the in-person tournament in March due to the pandemic, the Kentucky District took applications to choose who the KY students competing at NDSA Virtual Nats. 

2020 Slate from Team Kentucky.


Katy Cecil is all smiles as LaRue County is named a National School of Honor at 2014 Nationals. Half the Kentucky entry advanced out of prelims into the awards rounds.  Click here for full results for the Kentucky delegation to Overland Park, Kansas. 

For the first time, the 2016 Kentucky ad in the national program book advanced to the finals for "Best Ad" at the National District Leadership Luncheon.  Thanks to Kentucky artist Eric Willis for the funny cartoon (below).


Kentucky had a strong showing in Salt Lake City with several national award winners, both students and District Chair.  Kudos!!  Click the button below for a full report!

2015 Kentucky District RESULTS 

The 2015 Kentucky District Tournament of the National Speech and Debate Association was hosted in Danville at Centre College (Speech/Debate) and Danville-BCTC                                (Congressional Debate) on March 20                                    and 21.  Click the button for results!

2017 National Tournament -- back home in Alabama!

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2015 Kentucky RESULTS AT NATS 

Kentucky had a GREAT national tournament in Dallas including a National Champion!  Check out cowboy Brian Anderson from LaRue County, 2015 National Champ in International Extemp (to the left)!  Woo hoo!


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The Kentucky District Tournament of 2016 was AWESOME.  

Click here for the finalists / placings in each event.

Click here for the tournament press release.  

Kentucky NSDA

2017 District Tournament​ 

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